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Awards and Certifications

Being one of the most innovative and sustainable engineering companies in Singapore, our efforts in adopting, developing and applying innovative solutions to achieve sustainable development and safe working environment have been well recognized and endorsed with numerous prestigious accolades.

Corporate Award

32-2014-and-2010-BCA-Green-Mark-Platinum-Award-Samwoh-Eco-Green-Building Awards and Certifications

2014 & 2010 - BCA Green Mark Platinum Award (Samwoh Eco-Green Building)

31-2014-WSH-CultureSAFE-Certificate-of-Commendation Awards and Certifications

2014 - WSH CultureSAFE (Certificate of Commendation)

30-2014-CAG-Safety-Recognition-Seletar-Airport Awards and Certifications

2014 - CAG Safety Recognition (Seletar Airport)

29-2014-BCA-Construction-Productivity-Award-Gold-Advocate-in-Builder---Open Awards and Certifications

2014 - BCA Construction Productivity Award (Gold Advocate in Builder - Open)

28-2014-ASEAN-Energy-Awards-Green-Building-Category Awards and Certifications

2014 - ASEAN Energy Awards (Green Building Category)

27-2013-to-2020-SEC-Eco-Office-Samwoh-Eco-Green-Building Awards and Certifications

2013 to 2020 - SEC Eco Office (Samwoh Eco-Green Building)

26-2013-Minister-for-National-Development-RD-Merit-Award Awards and Certifications

2013 - Minister for National Development R&D Merit Award

25-2013-LTA-Annual-Safety-Award-Certificate-of-Participation---ER402 Awards and Certifications

2013 - LTA Annual Safety Award (Certificate of Participation - ER402)

24-2013-CAG-Safety-Recognition-Changi-Airport Awards and Certifications

2013 - CAG Safety Recognition (Changi Airport)

23-2013-BCA-Green--Gracious-Builder-Award-Excellent Awards and Certifications

2013 - BCA Green & Gracious Builder Award (Excellent)

22-2012-WSH-bizSAFE-Partner-Award Awards and Certifications

2012 - WSH bizSAFE Partner Award

21-2012-LTA-Land-Transport-Excellence-Awards-Most-Eco-friendly-Transport-Partner Awards and Certifications

2012 - LTA Land Transport Excellence Awards (Most Eco-friendly Transport Partner)

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