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Awards and Certifications

Being one of the most innovative and sustainable engineering companies in Singapore, our efforts in adopting, developing and applying innovative solutions to achieve sustainable development and safe working environment have been well recognized and endorsed with numerous prestigious accolades.

Corporate Award

44-2019-BCA-Green-Mark-Platinum-Award-Positive-Energy---Samwoh-Smart-Hub Awards and Certifications

2019 - BCA Green Mark Platinum Award (Positive Energy - Samwoh Smart Hub)

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43-2019-WSHC-bizSAFE-Enterprise-Exemplary-Award Awards and Certifications

2019 - WSHC bizSAFE Enterprise Exemplary Award

42-2018-NTUC-USME-WSH-Partner-Award Awards and Certifications

2018 - NTUC USME WSH Partner Award

41-2018-MOM-Dormitory-Awards-Non-FEDA-Category Awards and Certifications

2018 - MOM Dormitory Awards (Non-FEDA Category)

40-2018-WSHC-bizSAFE-Enterprise-Exemplary-Award Awards and Certifications

2018 - WSHC bizSAFE Enterprise Exemplary Award

39-2017-WMRAS-Waste-Management-Industry-Excellence-Awards-WSH---Gold Awards and Certifications

2017 - WMRAS Waste Management Industry Excellence Awards (WSH - Gold)

38-2016-Top-50-Engineering-Feats--IES-SG50 Awards and Certifications

2016 - Top 50 Engineering Feats @ IES-SG50

37-2016-SEC-Singapore-Environmental-Achivement-Awards-Manufacturing Awards and Certifications

2016 - SEC Singapore Environmental Achivement Awards (Manufacturing)

36-2016-SCAL-Productivity--Innovation-Awards-Silver Awards and Certifications

2016 - SCAL Productivity & Innovation Awards (Silver)

33-2015-ASEAN-Outstanding-Engineering-Achievement-Awards Awards and Certifications

2015 - ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Awards

34-2015-IES-Prestigious-Engineering-Achievement-Awards-Technology-Innovation Awards and Certifications

2015 - IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards (Technology Innovation)

35-2015-Ricoh-Eco-Action-Merit-Award Awards and Certifications

2015 - Ricoh Eco Action Merit Award

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