Recycling of scrap tyres for asphalt road construction

Collaborator(s): SPRING Singapore

Project Completion: Apr 2013


To develop the mix designs for asphaltic concrete containing processed scrap tyres that meet the performance of conventional asphaltic concrete

Presently, scrap tyres are largely exported to the neighbouring countries to be used as solid fuels or passively disposed in landfill which are low in economic value. The disposal of scrap tyres causes environmental problems as they pose potential fire hazards and there is limited landfill space in Singapore. Hence, there is an exigency to recycle scrap tyres for more beneficial applications.

Indeed, the recycling of scrap tyres into crumb rubber for the production of asphaltic concrete can provide multiple benefits which include the alleviation of waste disposal problems, enhancement of the engineering and durability properties of asphaltic concrete, improvement in the cost effectiveness of asphaltic concrete and etc. As such, Samwoh has embarked on a research study to evaluate the use of crumb rubber for the production of asphaltic concrete. The study involved laboratory testing to determine the engineering properties of bitumen with crumb rubber and its performance in asphaltic concrete. The success of this study will bring multiple benefits to the road construction industry in Singapore which will provide engineering, economical and environmental benefits.

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