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Project Completion

Mar 2009

Contract 3370C – Completion Contract for Upper Paya Lebar Underpass

The construction of a two-lane dual carriageway vehicular underpass formed the key component of Contract 3370C. The development involved construction of depressed roads and underpass, which was situated underneath live traffic of Bartley Road East, with a total length of 570 m.

Due to the proximity of public properties, construction activities of Contract 3370C were cautiously planned and executed so as to minimize disturbances to public. In addition, Samwoh has designed and implemented a comprehensive system of Earth Retaining Stabilising Structure (ERSS) for deep excavation works in order to restrain the movement of surrounding soil effectively,

Furthermore, extensive monitoring instruments were deployed at strategic locations to ensure that the ground movement was within allowable limits. On the other hand, mitigation measures were in placed to prevent any flooding at low-lying terrain within the project boundary.

As part of the project, two pedestrian overhead bridges (POB) were constructed by launching six precast U-girders across Upper Paya Lebar Road. With the completion of this project, the road system within the project boundary was enhanced while drainage system along Upper Paya Lebar and Bartley Road was upgraded.

10C-Photo-Gallery LTA Contract 3370C - Upper Paya Lebar Underpass

Installation of ERSS to facilitate deep excavation works for the construction of southern depressed road

10D-Photo-Gallery LTA Contract 3370C - Upper Paya Lebar Underpass

Tying rebar for approach slab, leading to the northern depressed road

10E-Photo-Gallery LTA Contract 3370C - Upper Paya Lebar Underpass

Overview of northern depressed road near the junction of Upper Paya Lebar Road and Bartley Road

10F-Photo-Gallery LTA Contract 3370C - Upper Paya Lebar Underpass

Construction of vehicular depressed road and POB along Upper Paya Lebar Road

10G-Photo-Gallery LTA Contract 3370C - Upper Paya Lebar Underpass

Removal of ERSS after the completion of backfilling at southern depressed road and underpass along Upper Paya Lebar Road beside Kim Chuan Depot

10H-Photo-Gallery LTA Contract 3370C - Upper Paya Lebar Underpass

Paving of depressed road and underpass

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