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  • Sustainable Business
    Sustainable Business

    Samwoh Group of Companies envisions that sustainability in both business and environment is the only way to move forward and we have delved into our very own prodigious journey. Our Group is delighted to be part of the national building with a proven record of completing numerous civil and infrastructure projects as well as venturing into different fields to agglomerate the supply chain of essential building materials for the construction sector.

  • Innovative Solutions
    Innovative Solutions

    Innovation is our DNA and it has been pivotal for the growth of our Group over the years. Leveraging on our continual innovation, we aim to further deepen our technical know-hows and augment our value-adding role in the realm of solution providers. This endeavour has not only differentiated ourselves from the others but it also defines us as a market leader in developing innovative and sustainable construction technologies.

“It is my hope that our Green R&D works will not only benefit the industry, it will also inspire all Singaporeans, especially the younger generation, to make a commitment to being green in schools, in their communities, in their homes and in their personal lives.”

  • Dr Ho Nyok Yong
  • Samwoh COO

“Our people are our most valuable assets! Together, we continue to innovate ideas and inspire to build a sustainable future for our next generation of successor.”

  • Mr Eric Soh
  • Samwoh CEO

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  • 4B-Our-Success-Story Home
    Our Success Story

    First successful launching of 4 prestressed precast beams across a live expressway in a single operation in Singapore.

  • Latest Event
    • 10 Nov 2017, Fri

    Samwoh Staff Dinner & Dance 2017 at Marina Bay Sand

    Latest Event
    Latest Event
    • 10 Nov 2017, Fri10 Nov 2017, Fri

    Samwoh Staff Dinner & Dance 2017 at Marina Bay Sand

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    39-2017-WMRAS-Waste-Management-Industry-Excellence-Awards-WSH---Gold Home

    2017 - WMRAS Waste Management Industry Excellence Awards (WSH - Gold)

    38-2016-Top-50-Engineering-Feats--IES-SG50 Home

    2016 - Top 50 Engineering Feats @ IES-SG50

    37-2016-SEC-Singapore-Environmental-Achivement-Awards-Manufacturing Home

    2016 - Singapore Environmental Achivement Awards (Manufacturing)

    36-2016-SCAL-Productivity--Innovation-Awards-Silver Home

    2016 - SCAL Productivity & Innovation Awards (Silver)

    33-2015-ASEAN-Outstanding-Engineering-Achievement-Awards Home

    2015 - ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Awards

    34-2015-IES-Prestigious-Engineering-Achievement-Awards-Technology-Innovation Home

    2015 - IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards (Technology Innovation)