Specialized Pavement Products

1. RENEW-CRETE® Decorative Flooring System


Stamped Concrete / Overlays - Create a decorative finish in color and imprint patterns on fresh concrete, or on existing old concrete surfaces just 8mm thick. It gives a realistic stone, brick, slate, tile, timber, leaf or seamless design finishing.


Spray Coat - Apply a thin layer coating on existing old concrete or tiled surfaces to give skid resistance, colors, textures and for beautiful decorative finishes.


Acid Staining - Create a marble-like effects on the existing plain concrete using chemical staining without changing the existing level.


Roll Coat & Re-sealing - Rejuvenate old concrete imprint into a brand new look with aesthetic color tones.






2. Samiphalt is a semi-flexible pavement system, uniquely combining the best technical advantages of both concrete and asphalt. Its short curing time of 4 to 8 hours makes it a very desirable replacement for concrete pavement. This composite is specially formulated to withstand heavy vehicles and high traffic on road junctions, bus terminals, roundabouts, seaports and airports, as well as storage places.


3. RoadDeck is a fibre-reinforced polymer that creates a durable, skid and abrasion resistant surface for rigid pavements. This rapid-curing product can be applied on old and worn-off concrete pavement, thus minimizing the need to break up existing concretes, which in turn reduces waste. The innovation of this system achieved the "STAR" award in the National Innovation and Quality Circles Convention and the highest Distinguished Award in the Ministry of Transport Minister Innovation Award in 2009.


4. MegaGrip System is a High Friction Surfacing (HFS) designed to provide long-lasting skid resistance for driveways and footpaths. This innovative system comes with a two-part resin-based modified binder spread with Calcined Bauxite or other choice of colored aggregates for an elegant mix of engineering strength with architectural sophistication.


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