Explosives & Controlled Blasting Systems






The Group offers a wide range of specialist products and services tailored to suit the special needs and requirements of the construction industry.


Our specialized services include the provision of providing Consultancy Services for the usage of Explosives and Controlled Blasting Systems for utilities, worksites, road works, rocks and boulders, underwater blasting, tunnels and caverns. We offer the construction industry a one-stop supply of explosives, drill, blast and consultancy service, backed by our professional and experienced team. Our various cutting-edge systems through both explosives and non-explosives methods include:


1. Explosives Supply and Consultancy,
    Drill Specialist & Blasting Contractor (Explosives)
We supply a full range of commercial explosives. These include bulk emulsion, Emulex®, ANFO (ammonium nitrate fuel oil), detonating cords,detonators (electric & non-electric) as well as the most recent technology, electronic detonators.
2. Drilling & Breaking (Chemical Method)
The NoneX™ cartridge is classified as a class UN1.4S product and has been authorized for use in 26 countries worldwide, where they are used for civil excavations and mining applications. As such, it is a safe and effective non-explosive way of rock breaking, boulder splitting and reinforced concrete demolition.
3. Drilling & Breaking (Mechanical Method)
Deploying mechanical means of breaking rocks and concrete may be a slower operation process but it may be necessary for areas where blasting is not applicable due to environmental constraints.
4. EOD (Explosives Ordnance Disposal)
We offer specialized consultancies and maximum risk mitigation services for unexploded ordnance identifications, detections and clearances, supporting mainly construction projects.
5. Fireworks & Pyrotechnics Display
In 2008, we have diversified our scope of work and services in areas of the fireworks industry and formed our own Pyrotechnics department. With our overseas partner and our own team of competent technicians, we are poised to provide the best services both locally and abroad, ensuring smooth and successful planning, coordinating and managing of major show displays.


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