R&D Centre


Samwoh Research and Development Centre is one of the most advanced laboratories in the field of civil engineering in Singapore. The centre comprises a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers with doctorate and master degrees. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities for testing and evaluation of civil engineering materials including asphalt concrete, Portland cement concrete, bitumen, aggregate and soil. The laboratory also ensures quality control and assurance on its products as part of the ISO requirements.


The company is actively involved in research studies together with various tertiary institutions and government agencies. It has received several R&D grants from government agencies to carry out research on green technologies. The latest research grant is from the Ministry of National Development to build the first Eco-Green Building in this region using concrete with up to 100% of recycled concrete aggregate. The successful completion of the Eco-Green Building showcases a breakthrough in construction technology that will pave the way towards greater sustainability and environmental consciousness in construction projects.


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