Consultancy Services

The company also provides consultancy services for local and overseas clients. It has a full range of advanced testing equipment including a network survey vehicle that is mounted with the latest high-resolution lasers and GPS, digital and portable profilers, deflectograph machine, skid resistance investigation machine (SCRIM), ground penetration radar, ultrasonic pulse velocity equipment, and creep testing machine among others. These equipment are used to carry out road and airport pavement condition assessments, and a range of other consultancy services such as concrete technology, specialized material testing, slope assessment, and etc.


The wide range of consultancy work include numerous road condition surveys and assessments for Land Transport Authority, airport runway and taxiway evaluations for Changi Airport as well as overseas airports, and road mapping surveys for private clients. A summary of consultancy services provided include:


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• Road, airport runway, car park andwalkway actual profile

• Airport pavement rideability and aircraft take-off /landing assessment

• Pavement distress, rutting and surface texture measurements

• Road network-level surveys

• Pavement deflection and friction measurements

• Pavement management systems

• Road geometry and mapping surveys

• Ground penetrating radar surveys

• Laboratory concrete testing and assessments

• In-situ concrete assessments


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