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Featured Articles


Featured Articles



1. Use of Sedimentary Rocks For Use in Road Construction in Singapore,  
 published for: 33rd Conference of the ASEAN Federation Engineering Organisation

2. Evaluation of RCA concrete for the construction of Samwoh eco-green building,  
   published on: Magazine of Concrete Research Volume 67 Issue 1 Evaluation of RCA





1. Tunnel Under the Sea - Singapore's Marina Coastal Expressway, published on:
  Volvo Construction Equipment Magazine (Spirit) Issue 50





1. Sustainable Construction RCA for Structural Applications,  published on: BCA BuildGreen Issue 02  

2. Second Urban Sustainability R&D Congress, published on: Pillar Magazine Issue 04

3. Revealing Singapore's Secrete to Recycled Concrete: published on: 





1. Towards Zero Wastepublished on: NEA's envision 2012 (Issue 1)

2. Samwoh Engineers New Staff Appraisal System Through CoP, published on: HCS's
    Communities of Practice (Issue 3)





1. An Eco-Friendly Approach for Aircraft Pavement Construction at Singapore Changi
 published on: SCI Concretus, Volume 3, No. 1 2011 (November Issue)

2. Pioneers of a Green Era, published on: by Pillars Magazine Aug-Sep 2011 (Issue 4)

3. Samwoh Eco-Green Building, published on: by FuturArc, Green Issue 2011 (3rd Quarter
    2011, Volume 22)

4. Developing Innovations in Green and Recycled Materials, published on: Pillars
    Magazine 2011 (Issue 1)





1. Sustainable Architecture, published on: BCA-SIA Publication 2010

2. Samwoh Eco-Green Building, published on: Pillars Magazine 2010

3. Samwoh Eco-Green Building - A Key Milestone Towards Sustainable
 published on: SCI Concretus

4. BCA Announces new $15 million incentive, published on: Southeast Asia Building

5. Excelling with Innovation and Integration, published on: Spring News Magazine