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Corporate Communications Department - Announcement 24 Jun 2015!
Samwoh Receives
Best Eco Practices (Merit) Award 2015!
On 5 June 2015, on behalf of Samwoh, the corporate communications department together with technical department participated in Eco Action Awards - Best Eco Practices Award 2015 category in conjunction with Eco Action Day 2015.
We received Best Eco Practices (Merit) award 2015 and the award honours Samwoh's green practices and our ability to involve staff and members of the public in such activities.
The event and award is suppported by organisations such as National Environment Agency (NEA), National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS), Singapore Environment Council (SEC), Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Building Construction Authority (BCA) and is organised by Ricoh.
*Click on images to view details.
ecoaward vid2015
Video On The Eco Action Day 2015 Event With Award Ceremony
Click on the image and watch the video to have an understanding on the Eco Action Day 2015 event and award.
To view Samwoh Corporation receiving the award see the video 2:57 to 3:00.
ecoaward vid2015a
Dr Kelvin Lee, Senior Technical Manager, Receives Award On Behalf Of Samwoh
Click on image to view a larger photo.
Thank you and appreciate Dr Kelvin Lee and technical department for the effort contributed towards this award.
ecoaward vid2015bc
Picture of Samwoh's Best Eco Practices (Merit) Award 2015
Click on image to view a larger photo.
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