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Corporate Communications News Announcement 3 March 2015
Samwoh is pleased to announce that the company is on the news today on a leading Singapore news platform - Today! 
Some key highlights of the article include Samwoh’s enhancements on innovation and productivity (related to our staff and work processes). Our green technology as well as a machine invented by Samwoh chief operating officer Dr Ho Nyok Yong was featured. 
Samwoh’s advancements noted during Singapore’s Budget Speech 2015 was also mentioned in the article. 
Furthermore, Samwoh was featured in Singapore's Chinese Newspaper Lianhe Zaobao about our advancements right after the Budget Speech 2015 on 24 Feb 2015.
Congratulations to Samwoh Advisors, Board of Directors, Management, staff and partners who have worked hard to set Samwoh’s standard of excellence. Let's all continue to progress Samwoh to greater heights!
To find out more, please click through the links or images below to read the article and watch the video. 
Samwoh on Today’s News 3 Mar 2015.
Samwoh News Article
Samwoh's Enhanced Productivity 
Invention by Dr Ho Nyok Yong, our R&D and freeing Samwoh staff time for training.
Samwoh's Leading Innovation
Green technology and much more!

Samwoh news article: please read here.

Samwoh on Singapore's Budget Speech 2015.
Budget Speech 2015
Samwoh Green Technology
Points on Samwoh's R&D efforts.
Samwoh People Development
Lim Wee Fong, our Technical Manager, was highlighted as an example.

Watch video 52:03 to 52:55: please watchhere.

Samwoh on Lianhe Zaobao 24 Feb 2015.
Samwoh - Lianhe Zaobao
Highlights On Samwoh's Innovation And Productivity
Based on Budget Speech 2015.
Leading Innovation and Productivity
Government grants empower Samwoh.  

Samwoh Chinese news article: please readhere.

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