26th May 2010 - Samwoh Eco-Green Building Awarded BCA Green Mark (Platinum) Award



Samwoh Eco-Green Building awarded BCA Green Mark (Platinum) Award



Samwoh attained the highest level from the Building & Construction Authority Green Mark certification 鈥?the Green Mark Platinum Award 2010 for its Eco-GreenBuilding at the BCA Awards 2010.



The office cum research lab is the first building in this region to be constructed using up to 100% Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA). The building also uses many other recycled products for its architectural finishes and external works such as partition walls, driveways, road kerbs, drains, doors, ceiling board, and carpets.


Other than the use of recycled products, the building is also equipped with energy and water efficient features which include its lightings and air-condition systems. Natural ventilation for common areas such as stairways and corridors, use of perforated cladding system as well as sun control films help to reduce the external heat transmittance into the building as well.


“The Eco-Green Building shows us that using up to 100% RCA in building construction is possible, both technically and practically. We have shown it and we have done it. We are currently sharing our knowledge and experience by opening up our R&D Centre to the public for educational tours. We hope it will change the mindset of our engineers and they will embrace the use of green material,” said Dr Ho Nyok Yong, Technical Director, Samwoh Corporation.



On Samwoh’s win, Dr Ho says, “BCA’s Green Mark award will enhance our corporate image and recognise our commitment and efforts as one of the leaders in promoting sustainable development and green businesses in Singapore.”



The BCA Green Mark scheme was launched in January 2005 as an initiative to drive Singapore’s construction industry towards more environment-friendly buildings. It is intended to promote sustainability in the built environment and raise environmental awareness among developers, designers and builders when they start project conceptualisation and design, as well as during construction. The benefits of Green Mark buildings include cost savings from efficient use of key resources such as energy and water, leading to lower operation and maintenance costs.