31 May 2010 - Samwoh Builds Eco-Green Building - A Key Milestone Towards Sustainable Development


Samwoh builds Eco-Green Building – a key milestone towards sustainable development


smalleco-green-openOn 22nd March, Samwoh unveiled its new office and research lab, a three-storey Eco-GreenBuilding, with Ms. Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for National Development and Education gracing the occasion.


What makes the Eco-Green Building remarkable is the fact that this building is the first of its kind in the region to be constructed using concrete with up to 100% Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA). This masterpiece of structural building showcases a revolutionary way of using RCA, as RCA has never been used in such high percentage before in structural building. The successful completion of the Eco-GreenBuilding highlights the viability of using RCA for structural works.


“The Samwoh Eco-Green Building has brought the green construction technology to new heights and opened up a new chapter in Singapore’s sustainable development,” said Dr Ho Nyok Yong, Samwoh’s Technical Director. “We hope that the success of this project will pave the way for construction and demolition waste to be used in structural buildings, thereby reducing our dependence on natural aggregate.”


Extensive research work and laboratory tests were carried out in Samwoh’s Research and Development centre to demonstrate that the performance of the recycled concrete aggregate was comparable to that of normal concrete.


“The study was carried out jointly with BCA and Nanyang Technological University and was awarded the Ministry of National Development research fund,” said Dr Ho. “After about one year of study and deliberation, including two years of an extensive study on a similar topic way before this project, we were given the green light to commence with the construction of the building.”



The Eco-GreenBuilding is one of three premises located at SamwohEco-GreenPark, which also comprises of an asphalt-recycling plant and a ready-mixed concrete plant capable of producing eco-concrete.


The Eco-GreenPark is indicative of Samwoh's strong commitment to research and development, as well as belief in the government's vision of sustainable development.


Since its opening, the Eco-GreenPark has had visitors from China, Mongolia, Israel, France as well as tertiary institutions in Singapore all eager to find out about the research that went into the project and how the building was constructed.


SamwohEco-GreenPark is open to the public for educational visits and tours. Interested parties can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.