02 Nov 2012 - Samwoh

  Walking and jogging our way to good health and camaraderie! walk-a-jog_2012_group On a late Friday afternoon, the heavens decided to take a break from a week-long downpour to let a little sunshine illuminate East Coast Park. At that exact moment, Samwoh staff had changed out of their office wear into exercise attire and were proceeding to East Coast on chartered buses.


In keeping with Samwoh's work-life balance philosophy, the Samwoh Recreation Club had organised a 4.5-kilometre Walk-a-Jog event for all interested staff to participate in.

At the assembly point, Samwoh staff were enjoying the change in surroundings, swapping our LED-lit offices for the sun-lit verdant greenery of East Coast Park. They mingled and chatted freely with one another, taking this opportunity to catch up with friends from other offices and project sites.


After a fun warm-up and stretching session that also included an impromptu Gangnam Style dance, the first batch of Walk-a-Joggers was flagged off by our Managing Director, Mr Elvin Koh. The staff were flagged off in batches so as to prevent lane congestion and avoid causing inconvenience to other park-goers.


Some of the staff chose to push themselves, running or jogging the whole 4.5-kilometre route; some of the staff brisk-walked together, chatting and enjoying the sea breeze and scenery.


After the walk-a-jog, having worked up quite the appetite after our exertions, we proceeded to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant for a seafood feast that amply replaced lost calories, and perhaps adding on to them as well.
In terms of calories lost, it is possible that the walk-a-jog did not have the intended effect; but in terms of forging closer friendships and camaraderie, it certainly achieved that. walk-a-jog_2012_shirt


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