10 Sept 2012 - Innovating our Asphalt


Innovating our Asphalt


samwohasphaltplantAs a market leader in the civil engineering industry, Samwoh has the added responsibility of spearheading advances in the construction industry.


In line with furthering our dream of a green and sustainable construction industry in Singapore, Samwoh has brought in a brand new Ammann asphalt plant from Switzerland to replace an existing one.


The Uniglobe plant has several advantages: its vertical design means that it takes up less space in land-scarce Singapore, while surpassing the production capacity of the older plant. It is also capable of recycling asphalt pavement waste into fresh asphalt, making Samwoh the only company in Singapore to have such a high asphalt recycling capability.


What makes this multi-million dollar plant stand out though, is its capability to produce warm mix asphalt, a new production method in Singapore. Warm mix asphalt is produced at much lower temperatures compared to the conventional hot mix asphalt that is being used. This means that much lesser energy is used to produce the same volume of asphalt mix.


This new plant represents a big green step for the Singapore construction industry, and Samwoh continues to pave the way to a green future for Singapore.



Note: Ammann is a leading supplier of plant and machinery, with a core expertise in asphalt mixing plants. Founded in 1869, Ammann has been setting benchmarks in the asphalt-paving industry thanks to its countless innovations and dependable solutions.


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