28 Jul 2012 - A day of feasting, shopping, and bonding!

"Jalan jalan, cari makan!" - Samwoh's day trip to JB!   jb_trip2

In the wee hours of a Saturday morning, a busload of Samwoh staff ventured into Johor for a "belly" satisfying day of feasting, shopping, and bonding.


Setting off with good moods and empty stomachs, staff got to know one another better with an introduction session on the coach. And soon enough, their growling stomachs were quietened once the coach arrived at the JB Kempas Mushroom Farm, where they had a delectable breakfast of Nasi Lemak with Fried Mushroom speciality.


After sating their stomachs, they went on a short tour of the mushroom farm to find out why the fried mushrooms they had were so delicious, before proceeding to Yong Peng.


Along the way, the coach made a stop at a silver bee farm. Although the sight of bees tend to send shivers down the spine, the staff did not show the least bit of fear at all. This was because silver bees differed from your typical bee: they were smaller and had no stings. Although they were just there to purchase honey, the pungent aroma of durians wafting from a nearby stall soon had everyone seated and eating the rich and creamy King of fruits.


After such a hearty breakfast, the staff proceeded to burn calories by going on a shopping spree at Yoyo, a place for purchasing locally-produced snacks. As there were samples for all the snacks, some of the staff soon found themselves laden with bags as they popped everything they found tasty into their shopping baskets.jb_trip3


Having worked up an appetite, they then proceeded to the Fuzhou Restaurant for a feast, where popular dishes such as red wine chicken, Fuzhou fishballs and noodles were served.


Next stop was the Ecolite Bird Nest Factory, where the staff learned more about modern production techniques of bird nest, as well as the various types of bird nest on the market.


Next on the list was a visit to the Sweet Potato Farm, where they were served sweet potatoes, tapioca, Malay kueh (cakes), as well as a pumpkin dessert. Following which, a local guide took them on a tour of the farm, pointing out local plants that are used by the villagers as remedies for various ailments.


The staff then got to catch forty winks while the coach brought them to a popular scenic restaurant at Teluk Jawa, where a fantastic seafood dinner was served. Black pepper crab, sambal squid, curry prawn were just some of the delectable dishes served.


Finally, the coach brought them back to Singapore, where some staff lamented the fact that they had not brought along bigger bags to contain all their purchases for easier handling. Everyone went home with smiles on their faces as it was truly a great day of feasting, shopping, and bonding.jb_trip1


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