28 July 2011 - Samwoh bags SHARP Award two years in a row


Samwoh bags the Safety and Health Award Recognition for Project (SHARP) for LTA Project ER233 at the WSH Awards 2011; as well as the "Accident-Free Million Man-hours" Award at the LTA Annual Safety Award Convention 2011.



For the second year running, Samwoh bagged the Work Safety and Health (WSH) Council's SHARP Award for LTA Project ER233 (Upgrading of West Coast Highway/Clementi Road Junction). This demonstrated Samwoh's unwavering commitment to work safety and health management.



Key approaches such as effective communication and control, training and awareness as well as employee participation were adopted to cultivate WSH culture and to maintain an injury-free worksite. This enabled Samwoh to meet the WSH Council challenge.





Samwoh also won the "Accident-Free Million Man-hours" Recognition Award, a newly-introduced category of WSH awards for main contractors who have achieved a considerable accident-free man-hour milestone without reportable accidents or major incidents.


"With safety comes productivity", says Mr Elvin Koh, managing director of Samwoh, "when our employees know that the company is looking after them well, they will be able to work more confidently and productively." By embracing such an attitude, Samwoh will continue to champion the cause of Work Safety and Health.




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